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The Presbyterian Church exists to love, worship and serve God. This church family strives to meet this commitment by living, loving, and acting as Christians who know, love and serve Jesus Christ in our changing world. The reconciliation of humanity to God requires our faithful declaration of the Good News of which God has done for us. God calls us to embody the Gospel, with all its implications, into the life of the people of this church as individuals and as a community of believers. 

This church family strives to develop community experiences where we can make discoveries within ourselves and about our faith. This congregational experience can nourish Christian life as we share with others who are making similar discoveries. 

The Presbyterian Church in Orland Park has a "relational" style of ministry relating love of God and love of neighbor. We strive to put our faith to work in all the relationships in our lives—with God, ourselves, our family, our community and the world. 

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