Welcome to Online Giving

Welcome to Online Giving!

We are pleased to offer the opportunity to make your donations to PCOP via Electronic Fund Transfers (ETF) or via Credit Card.  We are utilizing the Presbyterian Foundation online giving application managed by Vanco. PCOP will be charged a processing fee of 2% by Vanco of the amount donated.  At this time, online donations can only be made to the General Fund or the Debt Retirement Fund.

When you click the GIVE HERE link below, you will enter a portal that will require you to Create a Profile, which includes your name, address, email address, and Password creation. Once you've created the Profile and Password, proceed to Add Transaction and follow the prompts to complete your online donation.  The process is intuitive and similar to paying your bills online. However, to help guide first time users through the process, we have created a Step by Step User Guide with screen shots to assist you. The User Guide can be accessed by clicking this link - "Step by Step User Guide". YOU WILL FIND THIS USER GUIDE MOST HELPFUL AND IT SHOULD ANSWER MOST OF YOUR QUESTIONS.

One great feature of online giving is that you can set up repeating donations to occur automatically at specific intervals - weekly, monthly, or by specifying donation dates.  Once you complete your donation transaction, which takes about 10 minutes the first time and about one minute for subsequent donations, you will receive an email confirmation of your donation and amounts within 5 minutes after you've completed your donation transaction.  

Under normal circumstances, we would have introduced online giving during the worship service and included a live demonstration on the TV.  However, we did not want to wait until worship services are open again to make online giving available. Thanks to all for your continued generous support.

The Stewardship and Finance Committee